Free E-Book Alert – Love the Least (A Lot): Extending the love of Christ to abortion-vulnerable women and children

I know I’m supposed to be an intellectual thinker, but abortion has always been an emotional issue for me and always will be.  As a passionate pro-lifer, I was excited to see this e-book offered for free.

Love the Least (A Lot) is a free ebook from Abort73 founder and director, Michael Spielman. In it, he explains why abortion-vulnerable children are as qualified as any victim class in the world to wear the “least of these” label.

Love the Least is made up of six chapters, an introduction, a conclusion, and three appendices:

Introduction: Love the Least (a Lot)

Ch 1: A Biblical View of Unborn Life

Ch 2: A Biblical View of Child Sacrifice

Ch 3: The Secular Case Against Abortion

Ch 4: The Risk of Doing Nothing

Ch 5: Loving Christ Through Loving Abortion-Vulnerable Children

Ch 6: Why We Ignore Abortion

Conclusion: Love Christ (A Lot)

App A: The Unique and Prophetic Place of

App B: Why it is Wrong to Kill an Abortionist

App C: Who Are The Least of These?

Download the book here.  Visit Abort73 here.


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