From the Mailbox – Profaned Pulpit: The Jack Schaap Story


Today I received this book in the mail.    Many of you may remember the revelation last year that Indiana Pastor Jack Schaap (First Baptist Church of Hammond) had been having an affair with a teenage girl he had been counseling.  Not only did this make national headlines, but it once again showed the darkest side of the self-identified fundamentalist movement.  Both Schaap and his predecessor Jack Hyles had a loyal, world-wide following.  Though all fundamentalists would have disapproved of this man’s moral failure, not all fundamentalists spoke out against Schaap’s doctrinal errors and the hero-worship that might have led to thinking he could get away with such a horrible sin.

I look forward to reading Dr. Kaifetz’s inside look into this scandal. Dr. Kaifetz has also agreed to come on the KevCast and talk us directly.  I’ll let you all know when we have a date for this interview.

You can purchase your own copy of Profaned Pulpit here.  You can learn more about Dr. Jerry D. Kaifetz here.


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