Free E-Book Alert – Life Lessons from a Calloused Christian

The connection between Jonah and us is not immediately obvious. Probably partly because people have such a hard time relating to the main character Jonah has often been dubbed a “mythical story.” Consider the extreme lengths to which Jonah went to disobey God. Better yet, consider the extreme lengths to which God went to recover Jonah. This story seems very extraordinary. Upon more critical self-reflection, however, we will uncomfortably realize that we are very much like Jonah. James Boice is right in saying that “There is not a single point of the story in which we cannot see ourselves.”

Until we get this, we will fail to use Jonah as a proper means of self-examination. We will also fail to reap the benefits of learning the lessons God teaches through Jonah.

Life Lessons from a Calloused Christian is a plain, practical explanation and application of the book of Jonah. It is written for those who sense (or still need to sense) that God is calling them to share his motives in doing difficult things for him. The study questions make the book a great devotional tool or group study course.

Download the book here.


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