Helpful Book Reviews – 04-06-13

Politics Reformed: The Anglo-American Legacy of Covenant Theology by Glenn A. Moots – This is likely to send up a hue and cry about the perils of an incipient theocracy, but remember that all our prejudices against theocracy do not keep us from winding up with one, but merely ensure that whatever theocracy we settle on will be ruled over by a theos who is ashamed to show his face or admit his name, and will be subsequently managed by economic illiterati, and then refereed by black-robed chin-strokers, with fully half of them having their robes over their heads. Nothing has been the same since the vestal virgins unionized and went on strike, and their new uniforms are terrible. – Doug Wilson

Humble Orthodoxy by Joshua Harris – This is a book that I would love to put in the hands of a lot of people I have encountered over the years. First and foremost, though, it is a book I needed to read. It is a book I need to read again. It is a book I plan to read regularly. It rebuked, encouraged and challenged me in very helpful ways. If you have a blog or you regularly peruse blogs (especially if you comment on them), if you just plain love theology and desire to believe what is right and true, then do yourself a favor and read it as well. – Tim Challies


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