R.I.P Dr. Duane Gish

On Wednesday, creationist advocate Dr. Duane Gish went to be with the Lord.

Born in Kansas and educated at University of California, Los Angeles, he later received his Ph.D. at UC Berkeley. He joined the ICR faculty in 1970, after a fruitful career in biochemistry at the Upjohn Company in Michigan. Soon after the publication of The Genesis Flood in 1961, he joined with other creation-minded scientists to found the Creation Research Society in 1963 and served on their governing board until 1997. As his opportunities for creation ministry grew, he joined Dr. Henry Morris at the newly formed Institute for Creation Research. This was a true step of faith as he left a secure, well-paying position for a very uncertain future. But God blessed both his faith and his efforts. (Remembering Dr. Duane T. Gish, Creation’s ‘Bulldog’)

I once had the privilege of meeting Dr. Gish while a student at Crown College.  He was debating an evolutionist professor at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.  I found him to be both approachable and knowledge.  While I have been re-evaluating my views concerning creation and evolution in the past few years, I still mourn the passing of Dr. Gish alongside the untold number of people he has influenced over his many years of ministry.

Read some of Dr. Gish’s works by clicking on the links below:

Product Details Product DetailsProduct Details


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