Sneak Peek – Looking Into The Eyes of Someone Broken

I wanted to make all of you aware of a new book that has just been published.  The author is  the daughter of a friend of mine, Scott Oakland.  Scott is the host of the ReformedCast and an all-around good guy.  The book is entitled Looking into the Eyes of Someone Broken.  Here’s a short excerpt:

Dear Diary,

When I went to bed last night those thoughts of what I could have done with that steak knife invaded my dreams of unicorns, cactus, and a strange school trip with a teacher I’ve never seen before…. I just hope no one reads this. Whenever I think of that dream from last night, I still get the chills and flash backs. Even though dreams are supposed to be weird, this one was not a dream. It was a nightmare, and this one was engraved in my memory. IF ANYONE IS READING MY DIARY AT THIS INSTANT YOU ARE GOING TO BE DOOMED FOR ALL ETERNITY. Well, not for all eternity, but you get my point. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. You will regret reading this diary, trust me.


You can purchase this book here.


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