Helpful Book Reviews – 02-15-13

Glorious Ruin by Tullian Tchividjian – Why do we bother looking for ways to disguise our hurts, though? Why is it we’re so afraid to own up to our suffering? It’s because we’ve bought the lie that Christians aren’t supposed to get discouraged, that setbacks and suffering aren’t supposed to be part of the equation of the life of faith. We’re afraid that we’ve done something wrong, afraid of somehow incriminating God in the tragedy of human existence and feel like we have to get God off the hook when hurt bares its fangs because… Isn’t that all supposed to end once we place our trust in Jesus? It doesn’t, of course, but we want to pretend that it’s that simple because most of our ideas of sanctification relate to “victory over sin.” We fetishize victory (whatever that actually is) and usually tend towards letting the culture of our church define it rather than Scripture. This reinforces our distaste for suffering and compels us to hype up (or flat out concoct) the least bit of progress we make and to rationalize all of the sad, painful parts of our lives. – Ian Olson


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