Helpful Book Reviews 02-10-13

The Handy Guide to New Testament Greek: Grammar, Syntax, and Diagramming by Douglas S. Huffman – I was impressed that it didn’t skip the basics — even covering the Greek alphabet for those of us who occasionally hit a mental block when we try to think Greek again! It provides declensions and grammatical rules, and a helpful listing of syntactical options for the various noun cases, verb qualities (tense, aspect, mood, etc.) and participles. It covers purpose clauses and conditional statements; reviews the prepositions and conjunctions; and it does all this in an incredibly useful format — making this the go-to resource for orienting yourself to the Greek text before eventually giving up and consulting the technical commentary or larger grammatical reference tool. – Bob Hayton

The Man Christ Jesus by Bruce Ware – This book is a simple and readable book as Ware goes into deep theological truths regarding the humanity of Christ based on the teachings of Scripture. This doctrine is important because without the affirmation of the humanity of Jesus, we would have no hope of a Messiah. While Jesus was also fully God, he was fully man. As a man Jesus was empowered by the Spirit, growing in his faith, and perfectly resisting temptation where Adam did not do in the Garden of Eden. Ware beautifully goes through these truths in a way that a new believer can understand.

Strangers Next Door by J.D. Payne – No doubt J. D. Payne’s Strangers Next Door: Immigration, Migration, and Mission comes at an appropriate time in our nation’s history. The book effectively informs Western Christians—particularly North Americans—about God’s kingdom activity as it relates to the movement of people across the globe. An ethnographer, a demographics guru, or an urban strategist might consider Strangers Next Door a mile wide and an inch deep. I would argue the breadth and depth is just right for the American audience. – Mark Morris


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