Helpful Book Reviews – 02-02-13

Risk is Right by John Piper –  It is quite common in publishing to re-title books or to excerpt parts from successful books and to publish them as self-standing short books. This is the case with Risk Is Right—it is a chapter excerpted from Piper’s bestselling Don’t Waste Your Life. It now includes a foreword from David Platt and a few minor word changes, but it is, in essence, chapter 5 of DWYL. – Tim Challies

Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander III – So while they may not intend to do so, people who accept Alexander’s account as true undermine the truth and authority of the entire Bible.  Despite the book’s use of some biblical language about God as Creator, about divine love, heaven, angels, etc., it simply does not square with the teaching of the Bible at too many crucial points.  As a result, Proof of Heaven is an untrustworthy source of information about the nature of heaven, how to get to heaven, and the God of heaven.  Much of what Dr. Alexander writes is beautiful, stirring, and appealing, but such descriptions may characterize deception as well as truth, as the Genesis 3 story of the original deception in the Garden of Eden so clearly illustrates.  And even though we may long for more information about heaven on this side of it, God has reliably revealed all that is sufficient for us to know about it now in the Bible. – Don Whitney

The Real Scandal of the Evangelical-Mind by Carl Trueman – It is not that there is no mind, but rather that there is no evangelical.” Or again, “The real scandal of the evangelical mind currently is not that it lacks a mind, but that it lacks any agreed-upon evangel.”


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