Free E-Book Alert – Fox’s Book of Martyrs

We Evangelicals pride ourselves in being persecuted, or at least what we think may be persecution – like not being asked to pray at an inaugural address…  Ok, so even if we are right now not facing persecution, we will be soon once the government comes looking for our guns after they kick down the doors of our church for refusing to marry same sex couples…  Ok, you get my point.

Today’s free e-book is about actual persecution faced by God’s people in years gone by.  Fox’s Book of Martyrs   is classic in Christian literature and ought to be read by God’s people today.  See not only the faith of individual men and women of God, but see how the Church of God prevailing against the gates of hell, upheld by the mighty power of God.  These men and women are not necessarily heroes of the faith but testimonies to the greatness of God and the power of His message.

Download the book here.



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