Free E-Book Alert – I Have Loved You: Getting to Know the Father’s Heart

A friend of mine recommended this short devotional book today, so I pass it along to you…  Here is the book description:

From beloved author Cynthia Healed, known for her Becoming a Woman of . . . series of devotionals, comes a powerful exploration of what it really means to have an intimate relationship with God and the transforming difference it makes in our lives. Through twenty-eight short chapters, discover the richness of God’s encouraging words, His listening ear, His faithful presence, and His joyful embrace. Thought-provoking questions and journaling space will guide you on a deeply personal journey into God’s loving heart for you.

Our hearts long for intimacy with God. Join Cynthia Heald, beloved author of the Become a Woman of . . . series, on a journey into what intimacy with God really is. Cynthia’s warm writing and gentle wisdom invite you deeper into God’s heart to a place where His listening ear, loving words, faithful presence, and joyful embrace call you to draw near. There you will find that intimacy with God isn’t only about our love for Him but also about His great love for us.

Download the book here.


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