Free E-Book Alert – Biblical Productivity by C.J. Mahaney

C.J. Mahaney is one of my favorite preacher/authors by far.  God has greatly used his writings in my life.  This e-book grew out of a serious of blog posts written by C.J. about time management.  Here’s how Sovereign Grace Ministries describes this book:

With the help of Tony Reinke, C.J. began weaving his thoughts into blog posts and what later became a free ebook on the topic. This resource covers the following topics:

  1. Are You Busy?
  2. Confessions of a Busy Procrastinator
  3. The Procrastinator Within
  4. Just Do It
  5. In All Thy Ways
  6. The Sluggard
  7. Time. Redeemed.
  8. Roles, Goals, Scheduling
  9. Roles (Part 1)
  10. Roles (Part 2)
  11. Goals (Part 1)
  12. Goals (Part 2)
  13. Goals (Part 3)
  14. Goals (Part 4)
  15. Scheduling the Unexpected
  16. The To-Do Lists Are Never Done
  17. Self-Sufficient

Finishing Your To-Do List

C.J. concludes this ebook with the follow section, appealing that our joy not be found in our self-sufficient efforts but found in what Jesus has already accomplished for us.

No matter how much planning, scheduling, and discipline is present in my life, I will never completely redeem the time. I am a finite creature, limited in what I can accomplish, and further limited by my sin. So it should surprise nobody that I leave to-dos undone each and every day. My joy is not derived from the flawless execution of my goals. My joy each day is derived from the person and work of Jesus Christ on the cross. Only God gets his to-do list done each day. I need the cross of Christ each day.

May this whet your appetite to read, consider, plan, and apply the material from Biblical Productivity.

Download the pdf here.


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