Free E-Book Alert – In the Line of Fire: 70 Articles from the Front Lines of the Culture Wars

My only exposure to Michael Brown has been his appearances on James White’s Dividing Line podcast.  Though I disagree with his anti-Calvinist stance, I have been impressed with how he conducts himself in the debates I have heard him take part in.  He is also known as an apt apologist  who not only defends the legitimacy of the Christian faith, but also defends orthodox Christian morality in light of  the ongoing cultural debate on social issues.

Here’s the amazon book description:

A collection of 70 cutting-edge, controversial, and pull no punches articles written by cultural commentator Dr. Michael L. Brown and posted online from 2010 to 2012. Articles include: Separation of Church and State: Misinformation and Hypocrisy; “Mutant” as a Codeword for “Gay” in the X-Men Movies; Please Stop Sexualizing Our Children; The Girl Who Thought She Was a Werewolf Vampire; Dan Savage Savages the Bible, Christianity, the Pope; What Christian Orphans in India Can Teach Our American Youth; Is Kirk Cameron an Accomplice to Murder?; The Man Who Married the Goat; and many more.

Download the book here.


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