Free E-Book Alert – Fundamental Flaws by Darrell Dow

If you enjoy the Stuff Fundies Like blog, you’ll love Fundamental Flaws by blogger Darrell Dow.  If you grew up in a fundamentalist church, this is the book for you.  I have read this book and whole-heartily recommend it to you.  It’s a great blend of serious commentary and hilarious satire.

Here’s the amazon book description:

For years people who have read the satire and parody on the Stuff Fundies Like blog have asked for someone write a companion that not only points out the problems in Baptist Fundamentalism but also provides solutions. Fundamental Flaws strives to look not only the negatives that are so easily found in these fundamentalist churches but also to point to a better way.

Those who are long time readers of the blog will find some familiar material in this book as well as some newly written sections to address the seven key areas of church, standards, education, sex, missions, history, and authority.

This book does not attempt to be exhaustive in its approach to any of these topics but provides a solid starting place for an ongoing conversation that is vital to the spiritual health of those both in fundamentalism and those who have recently departed from it.

Download the book here.  This will only be available for a very short time so download it now!  Listen to my interview with Darrell Dow about this book here.


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