Free E-Book Alert – Church, Tradition and Scripture Where does the Authority Hide?

Most evangelicals have at least some idea of the differences between the Protestant and Catholic Churches, but how many of us can clearly identify the doctrines of the Orthodox Church?  Today’s free e-book should help you figure out what sets the Orthodoxy apart from evangelical Christianity.

Here’s the Amazon book description:

The Orthodox Church is perhaps more steeped in tradition than any other Christian Church. Its ancient buildings seem to breath tradition. Walking into an old Church building ones senses are overwhelmed by hundreds of painted icons, stained glass windows, decorative gold trim, the flickering or dozens of candles and the thick aroma of burned incense. The scene is ancient and the feeling is timeless.

What sets the Orthodox Church apart? Why do they claim a lineage that goes back to the Apostles? How does Orthodoxy differ from evangelical Christianity?

Caleb Suko seeks to answer these questions and more as he looks at the core beliefs of the Orthodox Church. He examines their view on the authority of the church and the authority of tradition and how these two foundational beliefs affect almost every other doctrine.

This is not a long boring theology book that will take you hours to read. You will probably be able to read it in about 30 mins or so. It goes straight for the issues that matter without getting bogged down with less important things.

In the book you’ll find:
A brief explanation of what Orthodoxy is
Quotes from Orthodox theologians
A Scriptural response to Orthodox teaching
Practical ways to talk with Orthodox believers

Caleb Suko and his family live in Odessa, Ukraine where they serve local churches at the Church Minsitries Institute. To find out more about their ministry please visit

Download the book here.


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