Books I Recommend When Grappling with Horrific Events

John MacArthur’s book about children and heaven is the best book I’ve ever read on the topic.  His belief, as is mine, is that small children killed at such an early age can expect instant heaven upon their deaths.  MacArthur walks us through the Scriptures and clearly explains this view is not merely based on emotional desires and wishful thinking.  I highly recommend this book for anyone struggling with the death of a child.


Chris Braun’s book on forgiveness was an eye-opener for me.  After a tragic shooting, some Christians are insisting that we must immediately forgive the shooter.  That’s the Christian thing to do, isn’t it?  No, it is not.  Forgiveness is granted after there has been repentance and for the purpose of reconciliation.  Pastor Brauns does not allow for bitterness to take root, but shows us that real forgiveness does not ignore or simply over look sin and pain.



Glorious Ruin by Tullian Tchividjian is one of my favorite books of all time.  Pastor Tullian does the entire Body of Christ a favor by reminding us that suffering is a part of all our lives.  Suffering is not merely a punishment for sin.  It’s ok to be sad!  It’s ok to even question God when things don’t make sense.  This book was incredibly liberating for me.  Christ did not take away grief, but suffers right along with us.  He is not a God who is only above us, but it right there with us.  You need to read this book!!!!


Finally let me recommend Where is God When It Hurts by Philip Yancey.  I read this years ago while in college and it was very helpful to me through a difficult time in my life.  There are many times in life when we are forced to ask where is God?  Yancey provides us with some helpful thoughts to tackle this difficult question.


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  1. […] I just found out about this deal and wanted to pass it on asap while it’s not too late.  Where is God When it Hurts by Philip Yancey helped me in a profound way when I first read years ago in college.  At the time was going through a very difficult time in my life which left me in a great deal of pain and confusion.  Regular readers of this blog may remember that I included it in my list of Books I Recommend When Grappling with Horrific Events. […]

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